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Got an F on a college essay for swearing? | NeoGAF Not all language is appropriate for all circumstances. Most college papers tend to require a more formal and academic tone, which precludes informal and casual language such as swear words. Using swear words casually in a paper will likely cause problems with any number of professors and instructors.

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NEA - Swearing at School Our policy: Swearing intentionally without stopping after a reminder equals in-school suspension. Swearing repeatedly with intent to upset people, and/or swearing at a staff member is an automatic out-of-school suspension. -Kimberly Fandi. These comments are from the 2008 Works4Me discussion board How to write in an academic style - De Montfort University 5.5 How to write in an academic style . 1. Create an objective, confident voice. Use the third person (this means not using 'I') Most of the time you will be expected to use the third person as it enables you to show that you are being objective. In Summary: 10 Examples of Essay Conclusions

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And the academic world has no problem with any of those. At least with cursing, everyone knows exactly what I mean. The question isn't which four-letter words are used, but why, how, and how ...

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Your challenge may have hurt your academic achievement at first, but there's a good chance you used what you learned by dealing with that issue actually ended up helping your academic achievement somehow. If this is the case, include that! Here's a Sample Outline for UC Essay Prompt 5. Describe the challenge. Curse or Blessing ? Free Essays - phdessay.com The difference between it as a curse and a blessing all hangs on the shoulders of its users. You may choose to abuse the potential of Facebook, or to change the world with Twitter. The difference in your actions may be small, but the end result varies greatly, and it is up to you to decide social media's role in your life. In Effort To Impress Students, Professor Begins Cursing Sources confirm that Biology Department professor Monica McFadden took things much too far after swearing to impress her Biology 54 students. After dropping a casual "ah shit" after an embedded video failed to play from her slideshow, McFadden noticed a distinctly positive response from the room.

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Overall the modern computer is both a blessing and a curse, it allows long-distance relationships, but also allows bad things to happen. So in an attempt to answer the question of whether computers are a curse or blessing, the only logical answer is they are both. 100 Extended Essay Topics for Students - EduBirdie.com Preparation and work on this assignment spans several academic terms - this includes choosing extended essay topics, submitting proposals, designating supervisors, information gathering (e.g. sources from local libraries), writing a draft (for instance, over a summer break), receiving feedback from supervisors, etc. How to Write a Killer 300 Word Essay, Examples and Outline

Apr 22, 2013 ยท Dealing with swearing and bad language in class Swearing and inappropriate language in schools, even in primary classes, is on the rise, argues Gary Shacklady Gary Shacklady