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PDF Advanced | Exemplar Essay Naps: Healthy or Not? Claim and Focus This essay presents a clear claim ("napping is an essential part of our life that is highly needed…") that is developed and continues throughout the entire essay. The counterclaim is discussed ("On the other hand, some may argue that they do not have time to nap, have too much to do, or that they just cannot find time") Counterclaim legal definition of counterclaim - Legal Dictionary

2. Reasons for your claim State your arguments in support of your claim, and tell why you think what you think. At this point, make a rough outline of your essay: the claim and the reasons you will give for supporting it. PDF Strategies for Teaching Argumentative Writing A claim is the position statement or the key point of your argument Three types of claims: claim of fact—state something is true or not true; claim of value—state something has or doesnt have worth; claim of policy—assert something should or shouldnt be done Claims may contain one or more reasons you will prove Argumentative essay with claims and counterclaims Parts of an ... Argumentative essay with claims and counterclaims. Parts of An Argument: Claims, Counterclaims, Reasons, and Evidence in this unit, students are required to identify the rhetorical strategies in a famous speech and the specific purpose for each chosen device. students need an understanding of the components of argument and the process through which careful examination of textual evidence ... How to Write a Claim for an Argumentative Essay ...

Identify: Claims, Reasons, Evidence, and Counterargument Please identify the claim, reason, evidence (proof), and counterargument in each of the following essays. Create new sticky on your desktop.

Distinguishing between Main Points and Sub-claims Each major claim bolsters the writer's thesis, and each sub-claim bolsters one of the writer's major claims; additionally, the claims get increasingly specific as they move from main points to sub-claims. Then, the writer includes evidence to support each sub-claim. Anthem Essay Assignment & Basic Outline - Blogger Anthem Essay Assignment Prewriting: 1 daily grade. Revised and Edited (by YOU) Rough Draft: 1 quiz grade Final Draft: 1 major grade. Select one of the five essay topics below. You will receive an extra 7 points for writing about option A, B, or C. Essays must be at least 5 paragraphs and typed in MLA format. This is a process piece. Claim - Racism I believe that racism is bad and should stop. I believe this because everyone is the same there is no difference just because of color. In the past, White Europeans thought of themselves as the superior race as they colonized. PDF Anchor Paper - Part 2 - Level 3 - A

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Argumentative Writing Crossword - WordMint the opposing viewpoint or the opposite of the main claim in an essay counterclaim evidence that is relevant and specific well-chosen evidence to give the reader a clear picture in his/her mind illustrates identify information in the text that supports understanding and uses that evidence to explain ideas cite Top Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

supports and connects to the claim. counterclaim or counterargument Challenging the argument by addressing the position of someone who may not agree with the argument. turn-back or refutation Demonstrating why the counter-argument is wrong. audience Who will be affected by the topic? Who will read the essay? Page 1

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Counterclaim definition, a claim made to offset another claim, especially one made by the defendant in a legal action. See more.

3-Con pattern: introduction, con-point 1 + refutation, con-point 2 + refutation, con-point 3 + refutation, conclusion. All these three patterns are recommended for short argumentative essay on abortion. Claim/Counterclaim pattern. It consists of the introduction, two parts of the main body and conclusion. Claim Counterclaim Essay Example |

How to Develop Strong Claims & Counterclaims in Writing ... To do this, you make a claim, which is your main point, and then you proceed to defend it. There are some specific things that argumentative writing needs to include in order to be strong, namely a claim, evidence, a counterclaim, and a rebuttal. How to Make a Claim DOCX Counter Claim. What does the . other side. say? Remember, your paper is arguing to get the reader to accept . your. point of view. An effective paper addresses what the . other side. might say and explains why that point of view is wrong. Key Items Necessary: Transition into opposition paragraph. PDF LHS Persuasive/Argument Writing Rubric - Liberty High School LHS Persuasive/Argument Writing Rubric 4 3 2 1/0 Purpose & Audience How well does the writing introduce a clear, arguable claim that answers a question or prompt as well as addresses the specific needs of the audience? Writingiseffective forthe audience & purpose Compelling claim/thesis that takes